Released performance video and donation site.

Hello friends of overseas,


On the full moon day I had a birthday in the car.

However, the schedule has become blank.

Fortunately I'm so fine.

The first thing I can do is to deliver live-songs

to people who need music in the life. 

There is only this.


I made a page to introduce what I filmed regularly.

I don't know how many people are interested.

But I also only know that some people want it strongly.


I hope you enjoy to some of the video songs that I'll be posting.

If you feel and like something, please jump to the Donation page. 

And I would like you to support my activities.



See some footages!

SUEMARR "drifting leaves"


Please donate for music of SUEMARR


As a role of Minstrel, I don't think it is good to act only with video...

However, in situations where the coronavirus is widespread, I have to change it.


Like live houses, bars and restaurants,

many artists are in a difficult situation.

There is no time to see the Prime Minister holding his dog and relaxing...



The things I can do.

It is for you and me living with music.

As an artist, I strongly tell myself.


Thanks everyone.

This time, we will sing various songs with various arrangements.

If I have a chance, I also want to play the drums!

Because I was a drummer before.


Tell your friends who might be interested in this blog or website.


And until the day comes when I can sing live again someday,

please stay peacefully with music!!





For Overseas Friends from SUEMARR

Hello overseas friends,

Recently, the reaction to my music from abroad has increased.

It is really nice to feel music.

So I will introduce two full albums.

I don't know how much I can tell you with my poor language skills...
but I will try my best.


Thank you, friends.


New 2nd Album

"Doromizu Wa Yureru" (2017)


1. Asaki Yume Mishi

2. Kaze No Onnna Tachi

3. Black Crows [playing with Mari Nakamura :]

4. Noroshi

5. Ai Ga Burasagatteru

6. Mou Nai Fune

7. Tondeyuke

8. Michikusa

9. Mother Nature's Son [ Lennon / McCartney / with Mari Nakamura]

10. Winter Song [full version]

11. Doromizu Wa Yureru

12. Sake Ga Nomitai Youru Wa [Yoshirou Ishihara / Wataru Takada]


Sound Produced by Yoshiki Sakurai [Lonesome Strings]

Musicians are...

Yoshiki Sakurai, Kyoichi Shiino, Manabu Chigasaki, Genichi Tamura,

Mari Nakamura, Rico, Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, Takerou Sekijima, Toshiyuki Kinoshita

Drawing of sleeve by Eldo Yoshimizu. He is the author of "Ryuko".

Caligraphy by Mai Miyaki

Design by Asami Murakami [Kite :]

12songs CD / Booklet 28pages includes / 2800Yen

SUEMARR Official Shop For Overseas Friends : Minstrel's Stand



1st Album

"Minstrel" (2014)
8 songs are used in "Midnight Diner (Shinya Shokudou)" movies and dramas.
It was re-released from December 2016.

13 songs / 2500Yen

You can buy it on this site "galabox".


1. Hibachi

2. Goodbye Jaqueline [Cover of Pirates Canoe]

3. Minstrel *

4. Douro *

5. Yoakemade *

6. Shinda Otoko No Nokoshita Mono Wa [by Syuntaro Tanigawa / Touru Takemitsu]

7. Nigiwai [by Maki Asakawa / Hiroshi Kamayatsu]

8. Tsumetai Kaze *

9. The Poor Old Dirt Farmer [by Tracy Schwartz]

10. Ame Ga Hira Hira *

11. New Moon *

12. Jinsei Ikiatari Battari * [words by Yarou Abe : author of Shinya Syokudou]

13. Choito Sabishii Yoru No Uta *


* : used in "Midnight Diner (Shinya Shokudou)" movies and dramas.


Produced by Yoshiki Sakurai [Lonesome Strings]

Musicians are...

Yoshiki Sakurai, Kyoichi Shiino, Manabu Chigasaki, Genichi Tamura, Satoshi Hara,

Mari Nakamura, Sara Kohno, Yoshiyuki Kawaguchi, Daisuke Takaoka, Mahito Fujiwara,

Risa Sakurai, Tsunekichi Suzuki, Yarou Abe [the author of "Shinya Shokudou"]


Photograph by Aya Takada

Design by Asami Murakami [Kite :]


☆ more information : 

Yarou Abe "Shinya Shokudou (La Cantine De Minuit)" is published in France by Lezard Noir

Product page :

Wonderful trailer made by Didizuka with music "Minstrel"

Also you can see Drama New Series of Shinya Syokudo (Midnight Diner) - Tokyo Stories - on NETFLIX



Some day, I hope see you and listen my songs at my gig somewhere...






SUEMARR Official Online Shop For Overseas Friends : Minstrel's Stand


Paypal is available.


International Mail Ordering
Please contact us by e-mail with your name, shipment address and CD title.
*order mail address :
(please change + to @)

We will reply to you about shipping fee. 
and will send you Paypal invoice after we have your approval.

We will send CDs after payment is confirmed.
Delivery method is small packet airmail (also registered available).


Currently there is no streaming.


High Resolution Sound Download Shop is here


Minstrel Songs - SUEMARR

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